3 Ways to Find Your Own Updates on LinkedIn

Ever wondered where your LinkedIn updates go?

It’s actually very easy if you just know how!

Method 1

When you login or open your LinkedIn account, click on the ‘All Updates’ down menu visible at the top right of your home screen.

Image 01

From the drop down menu choose ‘Your Updates’

Image 02

The ‘All Updates’ link at the top changes to ‘Your Updates’ when you chose ‘Your Updates’ from the drop down menu! (1)

Image 03

Method 2

The second way to find your updates is to click on ‘Profile’ in the top menu bar and choose ‘Your Updates’ (2) from the drop down menu.

Image 04 - All Updates

Method 3

On you Profile page, click the  small blue triangle next to the blue ‘View Profile As’ button. Clicking on this will give you a drop down menu.  The first option ‘View Recent Activity’, will take you to your recent updates page.

Image 05 - Third way to find 'Your Updates'

This page shows your recent activity, which in my case is two

Image 06

Those were the three ways to find ‘Your Updates’ on LinkedIn.  Do you know of anymore?