Services offered

The services offered by The Office Assistant are varied and many!

After an initial free consultation with you, we explore how we can work relieve you of the many admin tasks that are keeping you from achieving your goals and doing the thing you love doing, growing your business.  Together we then put together a ‘package’ that suits your needs and budget.  For more information on our different packages, please see our ‘Packages‘.

Below are some of the services that make up our packages, but if what you need is not among the items in the list, drop us a line or give us a call to see whether we can assist you!

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  • Article Writing*:  assist with research, writing, editing and placing on article directories;
  • Blogging:  help set up your website/blog in WordPress; assist with research and writing;
  • Bookkeeping:  invoicing and debtors management;
  • Database Management:   set up and maintain database for you
  • Diary:  organise your diary, schedule appointments, etc. using Google Calendar e.g.
  • Editing:  proofread your documents, blog, articles and edit;
  • E-mail:  manage your e-mail inbox;
  • Graphic Design*:  assist with graphic design needs for newsletters, brochures, etc
  • Research:  do general and specific (online) research for your articles, blogs, books, etc.;
  • List Building:  help you with building your list and setting up e-mail lists on a bulk e-mail provider such as MailChimp;
  • Newsletters:  create e-newsletters and e-zines and distribute using a bulk e-mail provider;
  • Podcasts:  upload your podcasts;
  • PowerPoint:  prepare PowerPoint presentations;
  • Social Media:  create a Social Media Action Plan and help with maintaining your social media presence;
  • Travel:  plan, arrange and confirm your travel bookings;
  • Transcription:  transcribe your sessions, speeches, podcasts;
  • Websites:  maintain and update your (WordPress) website;

… and any other administrative tasks!

* These services are sub-contracted out to specialist virtual assistants or providers.