Packages specially designed for you!

The Office Assistant offers you three packages:  Assistant Peggy-Sue, Mrs Jones and Miss Moneypenny.  There is a Project Package for short or long term projects with a specific start and end date.

The content of each of the packages is determined by you, our client.  In this way you get the exact help you need when you need it.  Once the tasks and assignments are known, the correct Admin Squad member is assigned to your account.

Working with an Admin Squad member on a regular basis allows you to build a relationship of trust.  It also builds assurance that your admin is taken care of!

It’s in this way that we Create TIME for your do Business!

Assistant Peggy-Sue – our Girl Friday Package

Assistant Peggy-SueNo task is too complicated for Assistant Peggy-Sue.  She will make sure your assignments are completed in time and on time.

Contact Assistant Peggy-Sue to set up a time for her to call you.


Mrs Jones – our Working Girl Package

Mrs Jones Service PackageMrs Jones’ package might suit you if you feel things are really getting on top of you!  Mrs Jones helps you with any of the tasks, assignments or jobs you fill your package with.

Contact Mrs Jones to see how she can help you!


Ms Moneypenny – our Experienced Office Assistant Package

Miss Moneypenny Service Packages Ms Moneypenny could almost be considered your personal assistant.  She has watched Assistant Peggy-Sue and Mrs Jones working on your account and has seen how she can help you take your business to the next level.

E-mail Ms Moneypenny for a personalised chat about where you need support!

Short and Long Term Projects

Our Admin Squad is available to support you with short or long term projects with a clear start and end date.

For example, you might be planning a workshop or training and need an Assistant to help with venue search, participant registration and catering liaison.  Or you may just need someone to tweak a PowerPoint presentation, edit your blogs, set up an e-mail campaign or database.  Contact any of the Assistants to see how we can help.

Getting Value for Our Time and Your Money!

What do The Office Assistant’s services cost?

Without speaking to you about the tasks you would like The Office Assistant to help you with, this is a difficult question to answer.

You see, you may have different tasks, aims and visions for your business in mind than someone else who asks for our support.

Why not complete this questionnaire so that we can contact you to discuss your unique needs.  After our initial discussion, we submit a proposal tailored just for you in which we create a support plan and detail the costs.