Our Admin Squad!

Our Admin Squad are Virtual Assistants (VAs) The Office Assistant calls on with the expertise support you.  We assign VAs to your account who know your niche and have the skills to do the job – contact us to find out more.

Our Admin Squad Leader

Aliet Ray - Owner at The Office Assistant

Aliet Ray – Admin Squad Leader!

Aliet Ray is the owner of The Office Assistant.

She started working in the corporate world in 1974 as a telesales representative for a daily newspaper.  Since then, Aliet has worked in positions as an Executive Assistant to Office Manager for national and international organisations.

In 2005 Aliet developed The Office Assistant model after discovering the concept while surfing the Internet!  It allowed her to realise a life long dream: to be her own boss.


Growth of the Virtual Assistance Industry

The Virtalent website wrote the following in April 2017:  It is predicted that by 2018, online working across the globe will be worth $5 billion as the demand for outsourcing continues to grow.  To read the full article, click here:  The Virtual Assistant Industry

Furthermore, in 2016 Fiona Swaffield, writing on the Entrepreneur Middle East website, mentioned the following in her article:  Virtual Assistants: The Growing Trend Of Outsourced Assistance For Entrepreneurs:

The popularity of the latter [personal assistants (PA)] was given an extra boost in the last decade from the recommendation in the bestselling business book The Four Hour Work Week. In the book, the author, Tim Ferriss, encourages others to use virtual assistants (VA) to do the administrative tasks on their to-do lists, so as to allow them to focus on the high-value tasks that only they can do.

If you would like to find out how The Office Assistant can help you with your to-do-list, why not contact us?