Our Admin Squad!

Our Admin Squad presently consists of two very professional ladies, who each have their own expertise.

When you start working with The Office Assistant, your are assigned a member with the most experience to complete your tasks.  From time to time, our Admin Squad increases with VAs who have skills particular to a client’s need – contact us to find out more.

Aliet Ray - Owner at The Office Assistant

Aliet Ray – Squad Leader!

Aliet Ray, the owner of The Office Assistant. She has worked in the corporate world since 1974 starting as a telesales representative for a daily newspaper.  Her career developed to positions as an Executive Secretary/Office Manager for national and international organisations in South Africa and Europe.

Aliet developed The Office Assistant concept in 2005 when she discovered the Virtual Assistant idea.  Before long, she realised a long cherished dream ‘to be her own boss’.  The Virtual Assistance concept is a well developed profession in the US, UK and Australia.

Since 2010 The Office Assistant supports a variety of clients.  Among others, COMENSA, Find A Professional, clinical psychologists and coaches are clients.

An Admin Squad Member - Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown – An Admin Squad Member

Michelle Brown joined The Admin Squad in 2010.  She has many years experience in both the public and private sector and brings with her a keen understanding of the fundamentals of good administration.

Presently, Michelle works on the COMENSA account as their administrator.