Don’t know what Virtual Assistance is?

Virtual Assistance is offered by independent contractors who (from a remote location, usually their home or office) support multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative, creative, and technical services.  (Reference:  International Virtual Assistants Association)

What can a Virtual Assistants do for you?

Working closely with you, a Virtual Assistant steps in when you are feeling weighed down by administrative tasks that just don’t get done!

You know that feeling when you are weighed down by so much work and, perhaps guilty too, that you aren’t doing your best work, procrastinating, setting tasks aside, which are impacting on your business?  And, you’re wishing you could afford full-time assistance, you just don’t have the cash (right now)?  Furthermore, you can’t be bothered with going down the route of contacting a recruitment agency, doing the interviews, hiring and finally managing an assistant.

All the above can be solved by utilising the services of a Virtual Assistant.

What other benefits are there to working with a Virtual Assistant?

  • It will cost less to work with a Virtual Assistant than a full-time assistant:
    • you only hire her for the hours that you need her;  a 10 hour a month contract is the usual starting contract.
  • No need to manage a Virtual Assistant:
    • VA are entrepreneurs in their own right;
    • They manage their own time and work to the deadline agreed with you.
  • You get a highly trained professional when you decide to work with a Virtual Assistant:
    • In order to offer their clients the best service they can, VAs are constantly updating their skills;
    • And, they are prepared to learn new skills if you work on a systems, software, etc. that they are not familiar with.
  • So you’re a very private person!  Perfect, because Virtual Assistants work from their own (home) offices!
    • You don’t have to find an extra computer, desk or chair;
    • No extra rent to pay for space for the assistant.

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