Help, I need admin support for my business!

Does this statement resonate within you?  Do you think about needing an office assistant?  Do you feel overwhelmed by all the administrative ‘things’ that constantly need to be done?  But you don’t want to hire a full or part time office assistant!  Then you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to a world where the back office of your business will run so smoothly, you won’t even know you have one because you will be spending all your time doing what you love doing most:  growing your business!

Welcome to The Office Assistant!

The Office Assistant supports you with all those tasks you should be doing, but don’t really want to do.  Tasks, which you’ve been putting off or never seem to get around to finishing.  Tasks, which you dislike doing, but are necessary to run your business.  Tasks, which you wish someone else would do for you.

But, hold on, do you even know what those tasks are?

This is where The Office Assistant steps in

We start off by helping you identify those tasks and jobs that need to be done, then give you a proposal in which we outline the tasks with which you need help, give solutions on how we will support you and give you a costing so that you know exactly what you can expect.

Why not have a look at the solutions we offer under our ‘Services‘ tab!